Health Tips for Women Over 40

tina is 40 and it is the age when you need to look at how to increase your health.  This is due to this age being a milestone when it comes to many different health risks.  There are certain conditions which become more prevalent when you reach this age and you need to be aware of this.

Eat Breakfast Every Day
Eating breakfast every day is something that you need to look into because your metabolism slows down as you age.  Nutritionists’ state that eating breakfast can help you keep your weight down and will increase the metabolism.  When you each breakfast you will also be able to stave off craving during the day that will happen when the blood sugar drops.

Look At Strength Training
Strength training for 6 months when you are 40 will help you in a number of ways.  You can increase your resting metabolism while strengthening your bones, maintaining balance and avoiding injury.  Aiming to exercise for 30 minutes most days of the week will help to protect your skeleton which is something you need to consider when you age.

Boost Your Vitamin D And Calcium
After 40 you need to look at boosting your calcium and vitamin D to help strengthen your bones.  However, there are a lot of experts that feel the current benchmarks for these nutrients is set too low.  The National Osteoporosis Foundation has recommended that women in their 40’s need to get at least 100 mg of calcium and at least 400 mg of vitamin D each day.  Taking supplements will help you keep your levels up, but some experts recommend looking for natural sources instead.

Increase Your Protein
After 40, it is important that you increase your protein consumption.  You need to eat foods that have amino acids as this will help boost your mood as relieve the symptoms of depression.  You should look at getting 4 ounces of protein with each meal.  This does not have to come from meat as protein is also found in fish, quinoa, and eggs.

Have An Essential Check Up
There are certain essential check-ups that you need to have regularly after you reach 40.  An eye exam needs to be done every 2 to 4 years even if you do not wear glasses.  This is due to your vision deteriorating as you age.

You should also have your blood pressure checked every 2 years.  Pelvic exams and pap tests have to be completed every 1 to 3 years and you need to have your thyroid checked every 5 years.  A mammogram needs to be done every year to 2 years.  Blood glucose will also need to be checked every 3 years once you reach 45.

There are a number of health tips that you should consider when you turn 40.  You need to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy.  There are also a number of health checks that need to be regularly done after you reach 40.